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Nowadays, this tumblog is becoming like an online scrapbook project of mine. Mostly where I stuff.. stuff that I like, or did. Or watched, or read. Basically its my online therapy sessions.
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You deserve to

yes! especially you iirnii ~ happy birthday :)

Thanks aishahansari!! Wishing the same to you as well ^^.b

Yup, in Manila now ^^. But just a long weekend trip, flying back home this Monday. And thanks deathberry Dybb! :D

My show tonight. Here in Manila.

Comic strip ‘napped from @Calvinn_Hobbes

For those who celebrates it, Happy Eid’ Fitr al Mubarak.. may peace be upon you, upon me, upon us all. The year has been rough to many of the people around the world so far, and I’m both sorry and thankful for mine were so very less eventful than most of them. I went for a cruise early in the year and I wondered what would I do if I was trapped inside with my friends then, watching sea water ever so slowly consuming the air and everything… I travelled to Europe on my own after the missing plane and wondered what kind of grief would my family had if I lost contact with everyone on the spot.. I flew back from Europe over the same war-ridden country’s airspace and wondered if I was in an ill-fated flight, would I be shaken awake for my last moments or would I just.. felt utmost pain and then gone? And I jumped out of my skin at the sound of fire crackers tonight from merry neighbours - and I wondered how it was like living with that heart thumping every single moment hoping the next one won’t trample the wall or make what bits of shelter I have to collapse on me… I am truly thankful and I am truly sorry for what I lack in easing whatever grief and hurt others are facing when I am in position to do something. For I am a coward with just my thoughts..

May strength to face hardships and calm solace are with us, may we be free and we be wise, be thoughtful, be mindful, and be kind. Muslims or not, my thoughts here are for you and me.

Pretty night light…

2010. 2011. 2012. 2013. 2014. Evolution of BEAST’s concerts.

thought process

Good Luck promotion cycle has ended. BEAST had a very memorably fantastic winning streak the past 4 weeks of promotions, nice :D

Ah.. for closing of this promotion cycle, they will be performing the Korean version of Sad Movie on the 4th week of July, alright! So that means hopefully Hyunseung can take the time to properly rest his foot and fully heal, because somehow it might be him having some sort of tendonitis? My team member found out she had tendonitis after a swelling the size of a golf ball swelled between her thumb and pointy finger last week so the doctor ordered her a full week to not use the hand at all if she wants to fully recover (but of course she’s stubborn and still drove to work and continued to work with that hand - I had to make her stay at home a couple of days). Aside from Hyunseung, Gikwang is off to Solomon Islands in this month to film the survival program Laws of The Jungle, no? Ah.. so that means BEAST will have 1 member needing 7 days of sleep (lol Hyunseung’s IG).. and another member being out of the country between now and end of July I guess..

Aah.. I was hoping that BEAST would attempt Dance With U, my favourite track, or even History, to close the promotion but these two are kind of performance tracks that it would be weird for BEAST to be standing still or free-styling without a proper choreo… but then with Hyunseung’s foot and Gikwang’s filming, maybe BEAST don’t have the luxury or time to practise new choreo for it in time. Hmm.. they’ve performed We Up so that’s out of the picture, or they could go for No More but that has been pre-released and won an award, so its a bit stale to perform again so maybe not, or maybe they could go for Tonight, I’ll Be By Your Side, a ballad to close the promotion just like how You did for Fiction, or how When I Miss You did for IABN, or How To Love did for Shadow… but somehow I feel that BEAST won’t pick up TIBBYS because for one, its not a track done by their member, two, the track seemed to be a filler track, and three, the genre is not what their usually preferred musical taste? Ok that’s purely my assumptions.

Hmm.. anyway I guess the sensible track left to close Good Luck's promotion would be Sad Movie… and with what Yoseob tweeted, surprisingly Korea likes this track and it seems to be another public friendly b-side of their EP so perhaps thats why they’d go with Sad Movie since they’ve already have a practised choreo for it.

Oh wow I didn’t expect my thought process on BEAST’s ending promotion performance would be this long-winded..

Watching Adrenaline in the car… is kind of awesome.

Pancakes. Cute.

[NAVER] BEAST, are they celebrities or artists? 'All-weather' idols ›

Wahh.. I like reading comments from industry insiders about BEAST.. so I’ve bolded / italicised them up.

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Source: NAVER



(but yeah.. IT’S JULY ALREADY! OH NO! OH NO!)

Comic strip ‘napped from @Calvinn_Hobbes


Salam.. Ramadhan Kareem greets us again.

The weather was pretty hot these days, that it prompted a non-Muslim colleague to voice out her concerns for us for when we need to fast in these conditions. I just smiled back, was really glad that I live amongst people who don’t share my religion yet still care of us, and said to her that at least I’m luckier fasting in an air-conditioned building than those who had to fast right under the sun, am luckier I still have means to eat [upon breaking my fast] than those who didn’t have ready access to clean water and food.

Anyway. Wishing my Muslim friends and readers a great spiritual month ahead, amin..

Good Luck dance practise led by Johnny Erasme aka JBlaze and Mykell Wilson.. this snippet is like ice cream on a summer day.. delicious. They started of with a warm up session with Missy Eliott’s One Minute Man, somehow everyone made it cute. 

But ah.. when they actually started Good Luck… I can’t get my eyes off the video! It was a very cool start. Too bad they just had it less under a minute huhu..

At parts the choreo reminded me of flamenco dancing with the dance claps..

Gikwang’s limbs flow very fluidly, Junhyung’s footworks were swiftly cool, Yoseob’s small compact stature works like a beautiful piece moving around in this video, Hyunseung waif-like flow should have made him out of place but strangely it did not, Doojoon and his never-ending big smile, its like his face projecting his thought ‘like how awesome is this 8D’ kind of face, Dongwoon fumbling a bit here and there but its maknae’s Achilles heel, ahaha..

I wish they had shown more of these.

Video source from MBC Every1